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Here is what clients have to say...
I started coming to Carina's about 10 years ago with chronic hip problems. I soon realised that her classes were helping my core strength and posture in ao many ways, as well as sorting out my hips, that I've been a regular ever since.
Penni in Alfold
Carnia's instruction is tailored to the individual; she really knows how to explain the technique, however challenging, be it on mat or reformer. I have really noticed an improvement in my flexibility and posture and my lower back pain has disappeared.
Vicki in Forest Green
Like many, I started Pilates to strengthen a back condition. Five years on and the feeling of well being (mentally and physically) is so beneficial I now take two classes a week.

Classes are small, the studio is clean and airy and we get a lot of individual attention. Both Carina and Jean are relaxed, focused, highly skilled and fun, encouraging us to challenge ourselves but to listen to our bodies.

Katharine in Dorking

Having originally started going to Pilates Mat Classes with Carina to address an ongoing lower back problem I have become addicted! Apart from the fact that my back is so much better I enjoy Carina's dedicated and professional approach. She always makes class fun yet challenging and manages to address each participant's needs. I also enjoy and have greatly benefitted from the Reformer classes which increases the range of exercises which complement and enhance the matwork. I highly recommend Posture Perfect Pilates!

"During these difficult times, Carina has worked creatively and tirelessly to give her clients Pilates classes which continue to aid fitness and encourage healthy routines.  It has been such a boon to keep in touch via zoom and benefit from 'joining in' with others trying to keep going.  Thank you Carina for inspiration, encouragement and fun!" 

Rita in Rudgwick
Since starting Carina's Pilates classes the change in my posture is incredible and the reality is that I have grown half an inch! Not only am I standing straighter but am noticeably more toned and feel stronger too. Carina's classes are wonderfully challenging with some humour thrown in… in short Perfect Pilates!
Jules in Rudgwick
Carina’s enthusiasm in the matwork classes convinced me that I should experience working on the Pilates equipment. With her excellent instruction and encouragement she has really helped me to ‘feel’ my centre working. It has really made a difference to me and alleviated the back and neck problems that I have suffered from in the past.
Sally in Cranleigh
Pilates, together with a Pilates inspired home exercise regime and a wonderful McTimoney Chiropractor has transformed my life. I retired early at the age of 55 years following back surgery and severe restrictions in my movements. Some 7 years later, I now have almost complete mobility and flexibility and am free to enjoy my retirement.

Carina is the utmost professional. She refused to accept me into her regular classes before she had spoken to my Osteopath and then allowed me to join the group only after 3 private sessions, during which she ensured that I would come to no harm and could cope. I have been a regular for 6 years and have attended intermediate classes for the last 4 years during which I now complete over 85% of the routines.

Carina creates a happy atmosphere at her sessions and is always introducing variations to maintain our interest and enthusiasm. It is a pleasure to exercise!

I would highly recommend Carina, without reservation.

Tony in Dorking
Pilates is the perfect compliment to my gym workouts. My good level of fitness meant that with only one missed term for my knee replacement surgery I could return to Carina’s class, doing modified exercise under her expert care and guidance and slowly return to full movement.

An important part of my enjoyment of class is the happy company of others – I have made some very good friends. My week is planned around my exercise commitment and I love every minute of it

Rosemarye in Cranleigh
My preferred methods of exercise are pilates and yoga, each reflecting and confirming the other. The emphasis of pilates on a strong and toned body combines beautifully with the more spiritual yoga. I believe that a strong and healthy body provides the temple in which the mind can be nurtured. Carina provides caring support, individual attention and inspirational encouragement in special surroundings
Jackie in Guildford
I am dropping you a short note to thank you for the past year of one-to-one training on the Pilates Reformer.

Following my back operation building up the wasted muscles in my arm and shoulder had been awkward to achieve. However, I found the ability to specifically target muscles using the reformer without adversely affecting weaker areas, fantastic.

The great advantage of the reformer is that it offers a comprehensive work-out similar to that you would get in a gym without the harshness of a unitary machine based workout. Thus many areas of the body can be worked at once according to the level required.

I look forward to returning to your mat based classes in the Autumn, the best in the area I believe! I will be back to the reformer too in the near future. I look forward to returning to your mat based classes in the Autumn, the best in the area I believe! I will be back to the reformer too in the near future.

Carolyn in Guildford

"Carina's zoom sessions during lockdown and now that restrictions are lifted, her classes in her super clean studio, have helped improve my muscle strength and flexibility so much I no longer have neck and back problems. Carina is inspiratiional and so patient. I have better muscle tone and posture plus new confidence.  I am ready for the beach this summer! Thank you Carina."

Caroline in London

"I have been a client of Carina's for around 20 years, which really speaks for itself.  She is a wonderful teacher with an in-depth knowledge of Pilates, and she is caring, warm and has a great sense of humour!  Her classes are small which allows her time to give individual attention to each attendee, and she takes great care in ensuring the studio is a clean and safe environment. She is mindful about any injuries her clients have, and I personally appreciate the strength and flexibility that regular Pilates gives me.  I hope to be a client for many more years to come!"

Sonya in Peaslake