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Reformer/Tower Studio Session

A new concept for the studio.  One person on the Pilates Reformer and another working at the Tower end with precise instructions, swapping halfway through the class. Combining the spring resistance of the Reformer and the Tower and being able to experience and compare the different workouts following the correct technique and having fun. 

These classes move at a swift pace to improve stamina and co-ordination, achieving an intense workout. We encourage clients to work at their own level with a degree of independence taking into account their own individual requirements.

All the Reformers have Jump boards so class sessions will often include a more cardiovascular routine for those who want to experience a dynamic workout.

Price: Per session £29
Sold as a course.

Private/Duet Sessions

These are helpful for you to understand the main principles of Pilates and ensure we are familiar with your body and goals. Private Sessions and Duets are particularly beneficial for when a past injury needs to be considered and the programme must be personalised to your individual requirements. Beginners also benefit from the one-on-one instruction. You will have the advantage of rapidly achieving these vital Pilates benefits:-

  • Core stability
  • Perfect posture
  • Taller and thinner appearance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Achievement of personal goals

Price: Private £70
Duet £80 (£40 pp)
T riple £105 (£35pp)

Studio Equipment

In the studio we have many types of Balanced Body Pilates equipment; Reformers, Towers of Power, Wunda Chair and Arc Barrels. Being in a small group you have the opportunity to experience the pleasure and benefit of working on all these pieces of equipment.

  • The Pilates Reformer offers multiple planes of resistance on a moving platform. We often use the Jumpboards on the Reformers for a more cardio workout.
  • The Wunda Chair can provide a full body workout in an upright or seated position as well as standing – functional for day-to-day activities.
  • Arc Barrels are used to assist with trunk extension. This in turn helps develop back strength and good posture.
  • The Balanced Body Tower is also a wonderful way of benefiting from spring resistance work. At Posture Perfect Pilates, all of the Balanced Body Reformers incorporate the Tower of Power for innovative and exciting workouts.

Price: £35 per person



Workshops are occasionally scheduled on topics such as;

  • Upper Body Strength
  • Shoulder tension
  • Soft Tissue Work
  • Balance and Posture

Price: Depending on topic.